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Space Cowboys: My No Man’s Sky Review (Sort of)

August 28, 2017, Author: VizualLeader

I wake up to realize I’m the last human around. I’m stuck on a planet with a bunch of weird shit. By weird shit I mean weeeird. the last thing I remember is going to work and getting this weird call about being chosen for a special project by NASA. They’re telling me that I’m the perfect candidate to be sent into space and I’m like HOW SWAY?? I’m out of shape, broke and short. I guess I could be the ideal candidate since I have nothing to lose at this point. They take me to this isolated area, and now I’m questioning if this is really NASA. Would NASA really do something like this? Am I being pranked? How am I going to get paid?? Before I can get that question answered I see this ship that belongs in something like Star Wars. As they strap me into this ship they have this look of desperation on their faces, as if they know something terrible is about to happen.I forgot to mention, my suit is cool as fuck. They wouldn’t let me post it on the ‘gram so I could stunt on my followers. Bastards.

Now I’m in the ship and I’m a nervous wreck. Once I’m strapped in the last thing I remember hearing is “live. We’re sorry.” Next thing I know it gets cold and sleepy and the ship is launching.

This is how I die.

In my head, this is how I imagined the very beginning of the No Man’s Sky universe before you become that last person that isn’t a weird alien thing in the universe, but odds are you just “appeared” and started doing your Traveller guy or gal thing. How dare I try to assume the Traveller’s gender. No Man’s Sky came out a year ago, and it wasn’t the best release. Broken promises, missing features, and a game that just wasn’t complete. However, for the past year, Hello Games has stuck with their game, and after the first year, we’re finally getting the game we saw oh so long ago.

I was one of the ones who was very excited about the game since the first trailer they showed at the VGA’s (then known as VGX) in 2013. It was an ambitious game, a procedurally generated space exploration game. All the planets you visit are completely random, filled with special atmospheres, weather patterns, plant and wildlife, and more. A game this big in scale would come from a big developer but nope this game came from a team of 4 guys. I bought it day one because I believed in the vision, the concept and everything that they were selling.

HOWEVER, what I bought, wasn’t the original vision. I’m not here to bash the game because it’s been done enough. Plus, it’s crazy how things can change in a year. Over the last few weeks, I’ve played more No Man’s Sky than I have in the entire year I’ve owned it. And I’m having a blast with it. To me, NMS is the perfect game to play after a long day at work (or school), or on a rainy Saturday. It’s just so relaxing to me, from the beautiful soundtrack to the gorgeous landscapes and graphics. Everything with this game has aged better with time, to the point where I’m not ashamed to recommend this game to someone. Here’s a list of just a few of the things the updates since release has brought.

  • Base Building
  • Improved graphics
  • Land vehicles
  • A version of multiplayer
  • New Game Modes
  • New in-game technology
  • And more

Like if this shit was in the game when it first came out, it would’ve won game of the year hands down. But it wasn’t, so it didn’t. With the way this game has updated itself, to the point of feeling like a brand new game, it makes me think, how long will this keep up? NMS is Hello Games’ baby, but will they continue to update it and add new features in year 2? Year 3? Should they move on to a new game, or will this forever be the game they hang their hats on? I wish I could give a solid answer on those questions. I think as long as they are coming up with fresh ideas and making the game more fun to play, then, by all means, update the game till I die. I’ll constantly keep going back to it. I would love for NMS to be the single player Destiny. At this point, I’d throw some money to some paid DLC. Mainly cause I don’t I’ll ever make it to the center of the universe. Cause there’s a lot of fucking planets.

Basically, if you’ve been putting off getting No Man’s Sky because all you read were terrible reviews about it, in the beginning, try it out. You can get it at such a great price now it’s practically a steal. I worked at a gaming retailer at the time of this release, and I can tell you we got sooooo many trade ins of it, that you can’t miss it on any shelf. Hello Games not only learned from their mistake, they’ve been constantly doing all the right things to make up for it. It’s working.