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Choices Matter in Dragon Age: Inquisition

June 12, 2014, Author: VizualLeader

I love RPGs. Next to sports games it’s probably my favorite genre of video game. Getting lost in a game’s story, becoming the main character and playing the game from his (or her) point of view has always been enthralling to me. Having a very active imagination as a kid probably also played a big role in my fandom of RPGs. That’s why I was instantly drawn to Dragon Age back when the first one was released in 2009.

E3, Gaming

New Icy White Playstation 4

June 11, 2014, Author: VizualLeader

So last night, one of the big announcements was that there was going to be a new PlayStation 4 bundle pack with Destiny and 30 days of PlayStation Plus.

E3, Gaming

E3 is Here!

June 10, 2014, Author: VizualLeader

Here’s my first post for this here blog, and it couldn’t have come at a better time on one of the biggest days in gaming. E3 has always been a great day for me since I young child before the Internet was the Internet. I used to sit at home and wait for the July issues of GamePro so I could read about the newest games that were coming out.