Get the Funk Up Batman – New Screens from Telltale’s Batman Game Released

June 13, 2016, Author: VizualLeader

I’ve seen the future and it will be Batman. To kick off 2016’s E3 conference, Telltale Games put out the first screens of their take on one of my favorite superheroes, Batman.


Ending Thieves and Taking Names: My Uncharted 4 Review

June 13, 2016, Author: VizualLeader

What would you do if your brother who has been dead for 15 years suddenly came to your doorstep and needed your help? That’s the premise of the final chapter for Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Read More!


Sony’s E3 2015 Trailer Wrap-Up!

June 16, 2015, Author: VizualLeader

Here’s a round up of all the gameplay trailers shown during Sony’s 2015 E3 Press Conference. Just in case you missed the live show or want to relive the greatness of The Last Guardian!


Hideo Kojima’s Last Metal Gear Solid Trailer at E3 2015

June 16, 2015, Author: VizualLeader

For those that don’t know, Metal Gear Solid V will be Hideo Kojima’s last Metal Gear Solid game trailer shown at E3.


The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Is The Good Kind Of Crazy

June 15, 2015, Author: VizualLeader

Much more than just a stereo headphone jack, Microsoft’s newly-revealed Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is a modular, remap-able and tweak-able work of engineering art. We knew there was a new Xbox One controller coming, but this is much more than wse expected. Bits come off and move around. Steering wheel controller-style paddles in the back […]