Hitting Stores

The Week Before Destiny 2: Hitting the Stores This Week

August 28, 2017, Author: VizualLeader

Let’s be honest, this is such a dead week for games. Sure, there’s a lot of stuff coming out, like Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Life is Strange: Before the Storm. But really, we’re all waiting for Destiny 2. Well, at least I am! However, we’re here for this week’s games, and I gotta say I been […]


D Plays Spooky Games

August 23, 2017, Author: VizualLeader

I’m a little punk when it comes to horror games. I just recently was able to get over my fear of watching horror movies and I’m glad I did because I been missing out on a lot of good movies. So the obvious next step would be video games, but that’s a different beast. Most […]


Game I Wanna Play: Jurassic World Evolution

August 22, 2017, Author: VizualLeader

When you were a kid did you ever want to be John Hammond? If that name doesn’t strike any chords, he’s the billionaire mastermind behind Jurassic Park. Now you have the chance to be a billionaire and start your own theme park with extinct dinosaurs. Announced a few days ago Jurassic World Evolution will make […]

Games in Progress

Games I’m Playing: Final Fantasy XII

August 20, 2017, Author: VizualLeader

In the long list of Final Fantasy games, 12 ranks in the top 3 for me (Buy me a drink and I’ll tell you the other 2). When it came out on the PlayStation 2 my mom got me the collector’s edition with the steel book. So when I heard that Square-Enix was remastering it […]

Hitting Stores

Another Year, Another Madden: Hitting Stores This Week

August 20, 2017, Author: VizualLeader

When preseason football starts, that’s how you know that the annual football video game franchise is close. By that I mean Madden 18 is hitting the stores this Friday. I have a love/hate relationship with this game, but this year they’re adding in a story mode, so that’ll be a welcomed change by me for […]