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D Plays Spooky Games

August 23, 2017, Author: VizualLeader

I’m a little punk when it comes to horror games. I just recently was able to get over my fear of watching horror movies and I’m glad I did because I been missing out on a lot of good movies. So the obvious next step would be video games, but that’s a different beast. Most of my fear doesn’t lie in the subject matter, it’s the notion that I’m physically involved in the horror. I’m the protagonist making all the decisions. I feel that way with all the games I play, but it’s amplified whenever I’m playing horror games. Now, in 2017, I’m going to get over this fear.

In conjunction with my buddy Nathan at humanstein.com, I’m going to play a ton of spooky games this fall. You’ll see some posts on there as well as on here, but the plan is to get through a few games or at the very least play them and see if I can survive them, and I’m going all out with setting the mood too. Lights off, surround sound going, and having a notebook nearby so I can write notes about how I got scared shitless. I’m still coming up with a list of games to play, and I should probably also tell Mr. Humanstein that I’m game for this idea he presented. Hopefully, he says yes.

Get ready for spooky season bitches.

Like I said, I’m still working on the game list, but I already have a few horror games in my collection. In my collection now, I have the first Outlast, The Last of Us and Until Dawn. I really liked Until Dawn, and Last of Us is greatness…yet I never finished either of them. So, the plan this fall is to tough it out and finish those 2. Then I can move on to the first Outlast. That game freaked me my first time playing it. In Outlast you have no weapons, only your camera. There’s nothing scarier than when you can’t defend yourself and you’re scared as fuck.

One game I really want to add to this list is the newest Resident Evil 7. I played the demo, and though I was scared, I actually had fun playing it. It’s at a good price now where I won’t feel guilty buying it for the purposes of writing about it. The final game on this list would probably be Evil Within. I previously owned this game but quit when I couldn’t get past the very first part of the game, with the guy that had a chainsaw. I’m terrible at video games.

To summarize the possible list, we have:

  • Evil Within
  • The Last of Us
  • Until Dawn
  • Outlast (and possibly Outlast 2)
  • Resident Evil 7

What else should I try to play? Do you have a favorite horror game that you think I’ll pee my pants playing? Let me and Mr. Humanstein know. We might be able to add it to the list. Get ready for spooky season bitches.