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Angel…Angel…Angel: My Dragon Ball FighterZ Hands-On Preview

October 3, 2017, Author: VizualLeader

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved Dragon Ball Z. DBZ was one of the first things that I absolutely obsessed over. We didn’t have cable, so the only way I could watch it was by waking up really early on Sunday mornings. The bad thing about this was that it never went past […]


Game I Wanna Play: Jurassic World Evolution

August 22, 2017, Author: VizualLeader

When you were a kid did you ever want to be John Hammond? If that name doesn’t strike any chords, he’s the billionaire mastermind behind Jurassic Park. Now you have the chance to be a billionaire and start your own theme park with extinct dinosaurs. Announced a few days ago Jurassic World Evolution will make […]


Game I Wanna Play: Dragon Ball FighterZ

August 18, 2017, Author: VizualLeader

If you know me, you know that I love Dragon Ball Z. A lot. When I was a kid I tried to go super Saiyan. It didn’t work but I digress. I remember all (most) of the old DBZ games. My friends and I would play import versions of Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout and […]


Get the Funk Up Batman – New Screens from Telltale’s Batman Game Released

June 13, 2016, Author: VizualLeader

I’ve seen the future and it will be Batman. To kick off 2016’s E3 conference, Telltale Games put out the first screens of their take on one of my favorite superheroes, Batman.


Final Fantasy XV Gets a New Trailer and A Demo, But No Release Date

September 19, 2014, Author: VizualLeader

This week during the Tokyo Game Show, a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV was released. The video shows off some of the beautiful scenery in Final Fantasy XV, along with a glimpse of the battle system…