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E3 is Here!

June 10, 2014, Author: VizualLeader

Here’s my first post for this here blog, and it couldn’t have come at a better time on one of the biggest days in gaming. E3 has always been a great day for me since I young child before the Internet was the Internet. I used to sit at home and wait for the July issues of GamePro so I could read about the newest games that were coming out. Now with the internet we can experience E3 in an instantaneous way with live streams and mainstream media coverage, which gives fans a virtual front row seat to the event and everything that goes on during the 3 day event. 

In recent history, on the unofficial start date, usually a Monday, the big 3 game companies, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, would throw these giant press conferences showing off new tech and new games. Recently Nintendo has dropped out of the press conference game, instead deciding to do a smaller digital showings and calling them Nintendo Directs.

This year, both Microsoft and Sony came out swinging, along with Ubisoft and EA. In my opinion it didn’t seem like there was a “bad” press conference this year. Microsoft focused on games, and solely on games, which is what they needed to do after the rough E3 showing they had last year. I’m looking forward to seeing more from Halo 5 and Inside, those games look amazing. Ubisoft had a strong show, showing off games such as The Division and Far Cry 4. And they’re bringing back Rainbow Six! I suck at stealth games, but I really enjoyed playing the Rainbow Six series. EA gave us glimpses of the new Mass Effect and Star Wars Battlefront games, though it looks like we’ll be waiting until next year to hear more about them. The new Mirror’s Edge looks just like it did in 2007, and I mean that in the best way possible. Sony finished day zero strong by showing new IPs such as Bloodborne, The Order: 1886, and Let It Die, which was the recently leaked Project Beast.

Overall, day zero was a great day for shows and games. Now until Thursday we get to see a lot of these games in action, along with other games that might not have been in the show but will be coming later this year. Stay tuned, as I’ll show off some of my favorite games from E3 and posting new trailers and previews. Feel free to leave comments and talk about whom you thought had the best show. Thanks for reading!